Childs Farm Oaty Bubbles and 3in1 Swim

‘Happiness is a Big Bubbly Bath’

We were kindly gifted Oaty Bubbles and 3in1 Swim from @childsfarm, courtesy of @officialemmasdiary

I have used childfarm products on Kayley-Rose since birth as she is prone to eczema and their products are so gentle on her delicate skin so when we got the chance to try these 2 products out I was super excited.

Baby 3 in 1 Swim from Childs Farm

Kayley-Rose loves a bubbly bath but I’m always unsure due to her dry skin and bubble bath aggravating it, however the Oaty Bubbles were great, her skin came out super soft and no irritation and lots of bubbles, so definitely a win from us and we will continue to use the Oaty Bubbles.

‘Splash Splash I’m Having A Bath’

The 3 in 1 wash smells gorgeous, so fruity fresh and couldn’t stop smelling Kayley-Rose after her bath. It’s so gentle on her skin and she came out the bath smelling so lovely with super soft skin.

‘I love Childs Farm’

I would definitely recommend these products and all of the ChildsFarm range, perfect for little ones (and mums too.)

Published by sarbearandthecubs

I am a single mum with 2 gorgeous children, Oliver who is 11 and Kayley-Rose who is 1. Parenting is hard for anyone but even more so when you are on your own and suffer from mental health issues. So I have decided to write about my life, experiences and feelings while bringing up two amazing children. It's fine to say being a mum is hard and it's all right to admit that it can be a struggle but oh so rewarding. Our little home is full of fun, laughter and the odd tantrum or two and they are mostly from So I hope you enjoy what I have to say, and love our mad perfectly imperfect family. Happy Reading. xxx

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