‘Something that was the making of me, was also the thing that nearly broke me…’

So behind these smiles and beautiful memories with my beautiful kids is me, a mum, a mum suffering from post natal depression and anxiety.

I’ve never  really spoke about this so this is hard and I wasnt sure I should but I dont want this to be taboo. If your poorly you talk about it so why not mental health.

So I’ve been in this black hole masked with a smile for nearly 18 months and it’s hard, its draining, I feel exhausted, my family and close friends have been my rock, especially my mum (@nannygwib) she has taken so much from me but is always there and I cant thank her enough for the support, I wouldnt be able to get through this without her., I love you mum xxx

‘I Am A Strong Woman Beause A Strong Women Raised Me!’

So I’m still in the middle of this black mist trying to fight my way through looking for the light, me, the person I lost, the happy, carefree fun mum in used to be. I know I will get through this, it will take time, but I will find me again in time.

I just wanted to get it out there that it is ok not to be ok.

So remember to talk it’s really important, dont bottle it in and try and carry on, dont be ashamed or feel negative about yourself (I’m still learning this one) and I’m here if anyone ever needs to talk, just a message away xxx

‘All it takes is A Beautiful Fake Smile to hide an injured soul and they will never notice how broken you are.’ – Robin Williams

Published by sarbearandthecubs

I am a single mum with 2 gorgeous children, Oliver who is 11 and Kayley-Rose who is 1. Parenting is hard for anyone but even more so when you are on your own and suffer from mental health issues. So I have decided to write about my life, experiences and feelings while bringing up two amazing children. It's fine to say being a mum is hard and it's all right to admit that it can be a struggle but oh so rewarding. Our little home is full of fun, laughter and the odd tantrum or two and they are mostly from me.....lol So I hope you enjoy what I have to say, and love our mad perfectly imperfect family. Happy Reading. xxx

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