@sealifeweymouth kindly gifted us a lovely day out for Oliver’s 12th Birthday. A Brilliant Family Day

We turned up in the morning shortly after opening and were welcomed with big smiles and friendly staff. They gave us all the information we needed for the day from feeding times and talks and where everything was around the centre. 🦈

Oliver and my Nephew were so excited and just wanted to get going heading straight for the The Ocean Tunnel. 🐒
The Ocean Tunnel didnt disappoint and we saw all different sea creatures but definitely my favourite was the Ray’s, the boys loved the Sharks and Kayley-Rose was fascinated by the turtles. So much to see we could of spent hours in there but we had to move on. πŸ™

Next stop the Penguins and definitely mine and the kids favourite, we just watched them swim and come up to glass it was amazing. We came back later to see them getting fed which was fun and an interesting talk.

Otters were next and went for the talk and feeding, the lady who did it was so friendly and informative and kids loved seeing the Otters getting fed, definitely one not to miss.

The Seals were next and we loved them, seeing them swim and dive especially from the underwater viewing area. 🦐
We also went to see several other areas of different fish, jellyfish, sexy shrimp (Oliver loved these, lol) and the Octupus and it honestly all was amazing. 🦞

I have to say this was definitely the best Sealife Centre I’ve been too, it’s well kept and clean, the staff are friendly, loads to do with the kids. The adventure park is amazing as well as the water area (bring a towel) so much fun to be had. Definitely a full family fun day out and I would highly recommend. 🐟

I just want to say thank you to @sealifeweymouth for making Oliver’s birthday so special. You do amazing work and i will definitely visit Sealife again. 🦈


Published by sarbearandthecubs

I am a single mum with 2 gorgeous children, Oliver who is 11 and Kayley-Rose who is 1. Parenting is hard for anyone but even more so when you are on your own and suffer from mental health issues. So I have decided to write about my life, experiences and feelings while bringing up two amazing children. It's fine to say being a mum is hard and it's all right to admit that it can be a struggle but oh so rewarding. Our little home is full of fun, laughter and the odd tantrum or two and they are mostly from me.....lol So I hope you enjoy what I have to say, and love our mad perfectly imperfect family. Happy Reading. xxx

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