We were lucky enough to be #gifted the Link n Teethe from @gummeeteething , we have tried it for awhile now and my little girl loves it.

Kayley-Rose has been teething continuously for about 6 months now and has needed some relief and the Link n Teethe has been and still is perfect for her. She can grab it easily, the colours are bright which she loves. It is so easy for her to hold and chew on and made from soft food grade silicone which is perfect for her little mouth. The teethers are textured to soothe any gum pain and my little girl loves them, and to top it off can fit in the top of any gummee glove.
Since we recieved it she hasn’t let it go even when she is sleeping…lol

I take it every where we go and it’s great as it links to highchairs, carseats, pushchair and trolleys and even on my wrist so I always have it with me. It’s so good for keeping her occupied and keeping those painful gums at bay.

She loves playing with the Link n Teethe, trying to put them together and pulling them apart too and nothing better than chewing on them to ease her pain.
They are so easy to keep clean and quick wash with warm water.
These are amazing and I can’t thank @gummeeteething enough for letting us try out and review this amazing product. We absolutely love the Link n Teethe. đŸ’–

To purchase your Link n Teethe follow link below

http://Gummee Link and TeeThe Baby Silicone Teething Toys Teether Links Pram Clips Award Winning 3 to 36 Months https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01GQ5TUPS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_-6f6Cb9WB91N5

Published by sarbearandthecubs

I am a single mum with 2 gorgeous children, Oliver who is 11 and Kayley-Rose who is 1. Parenting is hard for anyone but even more so when you are on your own and suffer from mental health issues. So I have decided to write about my life, experiences and feelings while bringing up two amazing children. It's fine to say being a mum is hard and it's all right to admit that it can be a struggle but oh so rewarding. Our little home is full of fun, laughter and the odd tantrum or two and they are mostly from me.....lol So I hope you enjoy what I have to say, and love our mad perfectly imperfect family. Happy Reading. xxx

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