This photo is a common occurance for us, we spend alot of our time in the doctors, at a&e, physio and any other clinical and consultants that pop up, all down to Oliver and his Hypermobility Syndrome.

Basically his ligaments are too stretchy and loose to support his joints so it causes pain and fatigue as his muscles are having to work harder. It also means his perception isnt great and falls over and injures himself regularly. He is more prone to reoccurring injuries like sprains, strains, dislocations and soft tissue damage.

People will never truly understand something until it happens to them.

Oliver has been in and out of a&e since he could walk at about 10 months old, from falling out the back door, to falling up and down stairs and so many more. I have always put this down to clumsiness as it runs in the family I now know it’s part of being hyper mobile….

He has also always complained of sore feet, ankles, wrists and fingers but again I put it down to him being a child and not wanting to write or walk or do whatever we were doing and just loving a good whinge. I now know this is down to his hypermobility syndrome.

His symptoms started to increase after he broke his arm in 2 places when he was 8 years old. From this point he gradually got in more and more pain and had to stop his activities starting with Street Dance, Gymnastics, then football and finally swimming. It was heartbreaking to see my active boy slowly going downhill and we had no idea why. We were in and out if the doctors and we were then referred to physio. He got special insoles for his shoes and because the pain was so bad we were referred to The Childrens Rheumatology in Newcastle. Thankfully all the tests came back fine but we were still non the wiser. We were then referred to another consultant in paediatric orthopedics and this was a waiting game. Again he didnt know why Oliver was in So much pain and put it down to a low pain threshold and that the pain wasnt there!!! He wanted to discharge us after a few consultations. I wasnt happy and refused as Oliver was now in Year 6 and was constantly absent and not being able to join on with his classmates. So he agreed to see us in a years time. Over the next year he missed nearly 4 months of school in his 1st year at secondary and it wasnt right. So we went back in the summer and he finally diagnosed him with Hypermobility Syndrome (through research and the help of casualty πŸ˜‰ I had already diagnosed him with this disability but had to wait for a doctor to figure it out and that was frustrating…)

At last we had a diagnosis and now I thought we can move forward and start helping my son but it wasnt that simple as the pain with JHS is so variable from person to person. Oliver can’t walk to school, he is in pain all day and struggles to get about and write. He cant do PE or join in with activities, he really struggles. We are in the Doctors pretty much weekly and probably at a&e every 6-8 weeks or so with a new/recurring injury. It’s so hard as I cant help him, I just wish as his mum I could take his pain away.

Oliver has been on constant painkillers for years, it started with Paracetamol and naproxen several times a day, these didnt work or touch the pain and caused stomach pain, so he then put prescribed lanzopronol to help with this. The pain continued to get prescribed Gabapentin but this caused horrible moods so I took him off these straight away. I didnt really want stronger pain meds but it was getting worse and worse and our referral for Pain Management is still going through nearly 3 months on, so our GP prescribed Nortriptylin these are taking the edge off but we have had to up the dose recently due to increased pain. I just want him to go to pain management as this syndrome, pain , injuries are not going to go away and I just want him to be able to mentally and physically be able to deal with the pain, as its getting him so down and I worry about him so much.

I just want my happy, carefree, active, funny boy back, the one that jumps about acts like an idiot and makes us laugh.

This syndrome, this disability, this pain is not understood because it can’t be seen, it can’t be tested for, the pain is variable person to person and no one fully understands how it affects the individual. I just know my son is in constant excruciating pain with his joints, has recurrent injuries and this is causing him problems physically, mentally and emotionally and I just wish I could take it all away. xxxπŸ’™xxx

The website for hypermobility association has been a godsend for me and ig you are ever worried definatrly have a look at that.

All o can say for anyone worried their child or yourself may he suffering from Joint Hypermobility Syndrome then keep going to doctors dont give up eventually you will get the diagnosis you need and the help you deserve as on average it takes up to 10 years gk gwg a diagnosis. So don’t be afraid to be pushy and trust your instincts as this fairly unknown disability is hard, is painful, is debilitating. If you have any worries, concerns or questions please message me xxx


Childs Farm Oaty Bubbles and 3in1 Swim

‘Happiness is a Big Bubbly Bath’

We were kindly gifted Oaty Bubbles and 3in1 Swim from @childsfarm, courtesy of @officialemmasdiary

I have used childfarm products on Kayley-Rose since birth as she is prone to eczema and their products are so gentle on her delicate skin so when we got the chance to try these 2 products out I was super excited.

Baby 3 in 1 Swim from Childs Farm

Kayley-Rose loves a bubbly bath but I’m always unsure due to her dry skin and bubble bath aggravating it, however the Oaty Bubbles were great, her skin came out super soft and no irritation and lots of bubbles, so definitely a win from us and we will continue to use the Oaty Bubbles.

‘Splash Splash I’m Having A Bath’

The 3 in 1 wash smells gorgeous, so fruity fresh and couldn’t stop smelling Kayley-Rose after her bath. It’s so gentle on her skin and she came out the bath smelling so lovely with super soft skin.

‘I love Childs Farm’

I would definitely recommend these products and all of the ChildsFarm range, perfect for little ones (and mums too.)

Accepting my Post Natal Depression & Anxiety….

‘Something that was the making of me, was also the thing that nearly broke me…’

So behind these smiles and beautiful memories with my beautiful kids is me, a mum, a mum suffering from post natal depression and anxiety.

I’ve neverΒ  really spoke about this so this is hard and I wasnt sure I should but I dont want this to be taboo. If your poorly you talk about it so why not mental health.

So I’ve been in this black hole masked with a smile for nearly 18 months and it’s hard, its draining, I feel exhausted, my family and close friends have been my rock, especially my mum (@nannygwib) she has taken so much from me but is always there and I cant thank her enough for the support, I wouldnt be able to get through this without her., I love you mum xxx

‘I Am A Strong Woman Beause A Strong Women Raised Me!’

So I’m still in the middle of this black mist trying to fight my way through looking for the light, me, the person I lost, the happy, carefree fun mum in used to be. I know I will get through this, it will take time, but I will find me again in time.

I just wanted to get it out there that it is ok not to be ok.

So remember to talk it’s really important, dont bottle it in and try and carry on, dont be ashamed or feel negative about yourself (I’m still learning this one) and I’m here if anyone ever needs to talk, just a message away xxx

‘All it takes is A Beautiful Fake Smile to hide an injured soul and they will never notice how broken you are.’ – Robin Williams


@sealifeweymouth kindly gifted us a lovely day out for Oliver’s 12th Birthday. A Brilliant Family Day

We turned up in the morning shortly after opening and were welcomed with big smiles and friendly staff. They gave us all the information we needed for the day from feeding times and talks and where everything was around the centre. 🦈

Oliver and my Nephew were so excited and just wanted to get going heading straight for the The Ocean Tunnel. 🐒
The Ocean Tunnel didnt disappoint and we saw all different sea creatures but definitely my favourite was the Ray’s, the boys loved the Sharks and Kayley-Rose was fascinated by the turtles. So much to see we could of spent hours in there but we had to move on. πŸ™

Next stop the Penguins and definitely mine and the kids favourite, we just watched them swim and come up to glass it was amazing. We came back later to see them getting fed which was fun and an interesting talk.

Otters were next and went for the talk and feeding, the lady who did it was so friendly and informative and kids loved seeing the Otters getting fed, definitely one not to miss.

The Seals were next and we loved them, seeing them swim and dive especially from the underwater viewing area. 🦐
We also went to see several other areas of different fish, jellyfish, sexy shrimp (Oliver loved these, lol) and the Octupus and it honestly all was amazing. 🦞

I have to say this was definitely the best Sealife Centre I’ve been too, it’s well kept and clean, the staff are friendly, loads to do with the kids. The adventure park is amazing as well as the water area (bring a towel) so much fun to be had. Definitely a full family fun day out and I would highly recommend. 🐟

I just want to say thank you to @sealifeweymouth for making Oliver’s birthday so special. You do amazing work and i will definitely visit Sealife again. 🦈



So we were kindly gifted an amazing family day out @coralislandblackpool it is the largest free admission attraction in Blackpool and well worth a visit.
We arrived in plenty of time to get a delicious breakfast from Peggy’s Snack Bar, a full English for the adults and kids had a choice of Beans on Toast with either Egg, Sausage or bacon. It was super tasty and to top it off kids eat free all day in the restaurants!!! ⭐

Now with full tummy we were raring to go and start our fun filled day. So off we went into the amusement arcade. Oliver wanted to start on the Rabbids VR ride so me being the big kid I am joined him and I have to say it was so much fun especially hearing Oliver’s reaction to the twist, turns and drops. I couldn’t stop laughing throughout the ride, it was great. ⭐

Then the boys went off to the arcades to shoot zombies, dinosaurs and fruit ninja. While they were shooting everything in their path… my Mum took Kayley-Rose for her first experience in the 2p slots and she loved it, couldn’t tear her away…lol

Next stop the Pirate Flyer, so above the arcades we went and shot some pirates on our way. ⭐
Back to the 2p slots for us all and lots of tickets to be won. Tickets mean prizes at the end of the day and the kids did great, by the end of the day they had over 600 each so got lots of loot to take home.

How can you come and not have a go on the Camel Derby and Prize Bingo. We all loved this and had so much fun and won a few prizes too. ⭐

We ended our day with a lovely Fish n’ Chip Dinner and I have to say it was really good and again kids eat free. ⭐

Finally I would like to say thank you to @coralislandblackpool and @tonicconsultancy for a brilliant day out for all the family. The staff were great, helpful and super friendly and the whole place was kept clean and tidy. ⭐

Would I come again, Definitely!
Would I recommend, Of Course!
Would I say its Value for money, Yes!


We got asked by @millysdummy to try out one of their products and we chose the teething bracelet.
It was so easy to design your own and order. So I chose mint green and pink as these are our favourite colours. It was made super quick and delivered in days.

When we recieved the teething bracelet I was so happy with it as it was so pretty. The colours are perfect and exactly what I wanted, it has lovely wooden beads as well as silicon beads in the colours of my choice. It also has a wooden elephant and ring perfect for my little girl to hold and chew and get to those sore gums.

My little girl loves her new teething bracelet,finds it really easy to hold and loves nothing more than chewing or shaking it about.

All products are child friendly, handmade and use BPA free silicone and natural wood.

Thank you so much for this gorgeous teething bracelet we love it. I would definitely recommend this lovely little business xxx

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REVIEW: SCULPTAPALOOZA @learningresourcesuk

Just before the half term we were sent this brilliant game from @learningresourcesuk and we were so excited to play it. Thank you #gifted , here is my son’s and my honest review.

When we received it and opened the packaging and saw the design of the box it looked so appealing and we just wanted to play the game. We opened the box and we were not dissapointed, all the pieces packaged away easily in the box and fun instructions to be read.
In the box you have a large amount of blue play foam, a play mat, timer, score board with different shape pieces, 2 different sets of play cards and a die.

So Sculptapalooza is lots of fun for the family. We have played it several times and love moulding the play foam. It’s a bit unusual to touch at first but as my son said strange but satisfying….lol

It’s a fast paced game using your imagination to sculpt what it says on the card. Lots of fun and laughter was had by us all, especially when sculpting on your face or with your eyes closed.
The game is for age 10+ and I agree this is the right age as some of the cards for sculpting are a little more difficult. However you could adjust the game and make it more simple by writing your own cards, giving more time and I think younger ages would love it too.
This is a 4 or more player game. We used 4 people initially and was perfect, however my son and I played on our own as well. With a 2 player game it’s more of a time challenge working together which was lots of fun too and it’s learning without realising. Using their fine motor skills, imagination and creativity.

I would definately recommend this game. It’s a great way to spend some family time and have lots of fun.
I will finish off my review of this brilliant game with my son’s words, ’10 OUT OF 10, WOULD PLAY AGAIN!!!’

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#learningwithplay #funwiththekids #familytime #games #mumblogger #influencer #Oliver

Review: Link n Teethe @Gummeeteething

We were lucky enough to be #gifted the Link n Teethe from @gummeeteething , we have tried it for awhile now and my little girl loves it.

Kayley-Rose has been teething continuously for about 6 months now and has needed some relief and the Link n Teethe has been and still is perfect for her. She can grab it easily, the colours are bright which she loves. It is so easy for her to hold and chew on and made from soft food grade silicone which is perfect for her little mouth. The teethers are textured to soothe any gum pain and my little girl loves them, and to top it off can fit in the top of any gummee glove.
Since we recieved it she hasn’t let it go even when she is sleeping…lol

I take it every where we go and it’s great as it links to highchairs, carseats, pushchair and trolleys and even on my wrist so I always have it with me. It’s so good for keeping her occupied and keeping those painful gums at bay.

She loves playing with the Link n Teethe, trying to put them together and pulling them apart too and nothing better than chewing on them to ease her pain.
They are so easy to keep clean and quick wash with warm water.
These are amazing and I can’t thank @gummeeteething enough for letting us try out and review this amazing product. We absolutely love the Link n Teethe. πŸ’–

To purchase your Link n Teethe follow link below

http://Gummee Link and TeeThe Baby Silicone Teething Toys Teether Links Pram Clips Award Winning 3 to 36 Months

Pregnancy, labour and meeting Kayley-Rose xxx

I wanted to share with you all my experiences from finding out I was pregnant, how I felt, what I went through all the way through to labour and those precious moments after.


So it all started in September 2017 when I just knew I was pregnant before I even did the test, I can’t explain what it was I just felt it.  I wanted to do a test straight away but knowing my body it doesn’t like to show I’m pregnant on tests, so I waited about another 2 weeks and guess what that faint pregnancy line showed up! Even though I knew and had prepared myself I was still in shock as I couldn’t quite believe I was . Already being a single mum to the most gorgeous 10 year old boy I knew how hard it is to raise a child and being 10 years later I was apprehensive about it, could I do it, but I knew I could as a brother or sister for my boy and me, was all we wanted. 

My Little Monster, so happy and content, with her Halloween mask…lol

1st Scan 31st October 2017

I remember going for my first scan with my mum, I was so nervous as just wanted everything to be ok with my little hammy. Sitting waiting for my name to be called out seemed to take forever but when I heard them shout me and got so excited that I was going to see my little one for the first time, with my best friend, my mum. When I saw her moving about I couldn’t take my eyes off her and it made this so real. She was perfect in every way. So I printed off my photo and couldn’t stop laughing as my little munchkin had definitely put her Halloween mask on. Just like her mummy loves dressing up….lol

So They dated that my little monster was going to be due on May 4th 2018 (or Star Wars Day as so many people told me…) So now the count down was on to meet my Princess Leia.

“Pregnancy is the best reason for feeling like Crap,,,,”

The Next Few Months….

So the next few months were hard. Being older I could really tell the difference between both pregnancy’s. With Oliver I was sick every day for the full 9 months, but I just got on with it and carried on with life. However this one drained the life out of me, I was constantly exhausted to the point I could fall asleep where I stood, lol. I felt nauseous all day but nothing gave me relief, all I wanted was to be sick but I couldn’t. My back was in Agony constantly and to top it off I got sciatica and PDP (pelvic girdle pain) so got referred for physio and hydro therapy to ease the pain. This helped while in the pool but was only temporary but just learnt to get on but it made everyday so hard.

My hormones were all over the place one minute I was laughing and joking the next I had turned into some psychotic maniac who just wanted to shout and scream, then I would be in floods of tears on the floor. I could feel myself going but couldn’t control it, I could feel the anger bubbling up and then the tears. It was so hard to see the ones closest to me getting punished for something I couldn’t control, especially Oliver as I would loose my temper with him over the silliest things and then would feel so guilty after for shouting at him. I felt like the worst mum at times.

This is a side of my pregnancy I hated but I realise now its ok not to be ok. I just wish I had spoke with my midwife about it instead of bottling up all my feelings. That’s what they are there for after all, and I now know many women, mothers to be go through similar feelings.

So my pregnancy was hard but I wouldn’t change it for the world as the end result was my amazingly beautiful clever little girl. All I wish is I had taken the help and support I had around me.

4th May – DUE DATE


So labour was an interesting one for me as although I had been through pregnancy before I had never been through Labour as Oliver was an Elective C-section for numerous reasons. So this was the first time, so I didn’t know what to expect. The closer it got to the 4th May the more excited I got, there were not any nerves or worries maybe this was me in denial I don’t know I just couldn’t wait to experience child birth and meet my baby girl.

So the 4th May arrived, as I mentioned this is Star Wars Day (I’m not a Star Wars Fan) and my friends and family really wanted her to come on this day, so much so that I said I would call her something star wars to appease them all….lol Thankfully she didn’t as I can’t imaging shouting Chewbacca, dinners ready…lol


Anyway back to how it all started so it must of been the 5th and I started getting contractions, very mild and not regular so just got on with it, I did however feel more sick. I just took note but carried on with daily life. These pains came and went for the next 24 hours, and I started to feel more uncomfortable as the pressure on my groin was immense I was struggling to walk. I seriously looked like John Wayne…lol The main worry however was I hadn’t felt any movement for a couple of days, so I just shut this off as I knew she was fine, however my mum told me I had to call the hospital and they advised to come in for monitoring. So I went in the monitored me but because of the pain and I felt my waters were leaking slightly they decided to keep me in for monitoring overnight. So they kept me in but nothing changed, the pains kept coming but I was only 1cm dilated, so they gave me a sweep and sent me home.

The Sweep was horrible as I’m sure you know ladies, not the most pleasant experience. So my mum took me home and the cramps got a little more painful but nothing I couldn’t cope with. So I sat on my ball trying to encourage this little madam to come out. So we are now on the 7th and again this went on for another 24 hours or so, but now I was starting to be sick every few hours, the pains were stronger, I lost what I can only say was part of my plug. I couldn’t sit down as felt she was pressing on something internally and it hurt like mad, the contractions still were not constant about every 10-13 minutes. So again my mum convinced me to call the hospital and again they told me to come in and again I was admitted. However something changed overnight as I couldn’t stop being sick, couldn’t keep anything down not even water. I was exhausted. I told the nurses and doctors but they didn’t listen and sent me home the following day at lunchtime by this point the contractions were about every 10 minutes or so.

So now its the 9th May and I was home and felt terrible, I couldn’t concentrate for lack of energy, I was still throwing up but had nothing left so it was just bile and this was making me feel worse. Then the contractions jumped to every 6 minutes, so I decided to have a bath hoping this would make me feel better. The bath was great while I was in it, but could I get out I was like a beached whale…lol So my mum came to my rescue not the most pretty sight for her… As soon as I got out the pains just intensified and the contractions started to be about every 5 minutes, my mum was panicking at this point and wanted to take me in but me being me was like no plenty of time. I didn’t want to go in and then be sent home, so I laid in bed, tried to sleep but felt so ill I couldn’t. My mum says I was delirious and wasn’t making sense. ( I now know this was because I was severely dehydrated) So I gave in and called the hospital and spoke with the midwife to which I had 3 contractions as they were now coming every 4 minutes so was told to get myself into hospital.

So went to the pre assessment ward and they looked me over, gave me an internal I was still only 2cm dilated they were going to send me home but because I was throwing up constantly and how poorly I was they got me a bed on the Labour Ward. Finally it was time!!!!


So its the 9th May 2018, around 7pm and I get a bed on the labour ward. I walk in still feeling so poorly and needing to throw up again, suddenly 2 cardboard bowls appear in front of me. I’m guessing they didn’t want to clean it up lol.

Anyway I get in the 2 midwives introduce themselves to me, but I was so out of it I still can’t remember their names, which is so bad as they were amazing. They check me over give me an injection to try and stop the sickness and get me hooked up to the monitor and get me on a drip as they need to get me dehydrated. Within about 30 mins of having the drip I start to feel better the sickness is still there but not as bad so things are looking up. I now start thinking I’m going to be able to do this, get through this and deliver her naturally but I need some pain relief as the contractions are every 4 minutes and they hurt. So I get the gas and air and I loved it, amazing stuff and couldn’t recommend it enough.

So over the next few hours they keep checking on me and finally around 2am I think it was I’m officially in labour, Im 4cm dilated. So happy, I now feel Im on the way to seeing my baby girl.

By this point though I’m so tired, I just want sleep but the contractions hurt so I ask for an epidural. the midwives try and convince me not to but I knew myself that I wouldn’t get through it without it and not because of the pain but just because I was so tired as I hadn’t really slept for 4 days. So they arrange it and the anaesthetist comes in about an hour later and hooks me up, tells me to hit the button to get the drugs, LOL So I feel happier relaxed, the pain just melts away and I manage to get a nap. I wake up and feel so much better and ready to do this. I get another anti-sickness jab, and another bag of fluids for the dehydration and the contractions stay at about 3-4 mins apart but definitely getting stronger.

7am comes and its the end of the shift for my midwives and baby not here, not happy as Im now 7cm dilated. So meet my new midwives and again they are wonderful and get me through these final hours.

I’m sat there and either my mum or the midwives are having to remind me to press the button for the epidural, I just kept forgetting as the pain was painful but not terrible, I was actually now finally enjoying it and the gas and air was amazing.

So around 8:30am the checked me over and guess what I’m 10cm, all I can think is get her out I want to meet her, the contractions now were painful but I was still forgetting to press the button. I thought now they would make me push but no they said she was still quite high so they would leave for an hour or so and wait for to come down naturally. That was the longest hour as I just wanted to get on with it. I’m not very patient lol

The contractions were getting stronger and stronger and I just wanted to push so about 9:45 they said its time, but first the midwife asked is it ok for a medical student to come in and watch, at that point I didn’t care who saw my bits so just said yes. 10am I started pushing and pushing and pushing…

“Labour is Called Labour for a Reason, It’s Hard…”

I remember the midwife getting the junior midwife to get involved, she was shouting at the medical student to look, telling my mum to look and all I could think was my mum is at the wrong end…lol My midwife was so excited and animated it actually in a weird way took my mind off the pain. Then between contractions as still had nearly 4 minutes which was great for a breather and a sip f water, the medical student asked if his colleague could come in, all I remember as a contraction was coming was sure but I’m charging for tickets at Β£10 each, so invite anyone but I want the money…lol Unfortunately she had gone into another delivery so never did get any money…

Anyway back to Labour and lots more pushing at 10:25am my gorgeous little girl was born. When they passed her over and put her skin to skin everything else in the room disappeared. I couldn’t stop looking at her and thinking I created her a beautiful, gorgeous, perfect little girl. I was holding her, feeling her gorgeous little body on mine, hearing her breathing I couldn’t quite believe it. It was a magical moment.

Our 1st Photo – The love was instant for my Beautiful Kayley_rose

So our story doesn’t end here, this was just the beginning for my little family of 3. Things did turn a little later on but that is for another day as I want to end this on a magical, happy note and celebrate my perfect little bundle of joy.

Kayley-Rose Joanna Hayward was born on 10th May 2018 at 10:25am weighing 7lb11oz, It was the most beautiful and perfect end to 9 months of hard work but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I WAS THE HAPPIEST MUM IN THE WORLD.

I hope you have enjoyed my story, can relate to it, take something from it, understand it or just love it. This was my journey to being a mum of 2 beautiful children.

Thank You for taking the time to read my story xxx